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At Teachers Life and nowly, we’re committed to uplifting the people and communities who are the social innovators of tomorrow. That’s why we developed Press Start, designed to support new and established youth changemakers across Canada. One of our key initiatives is the Press Start CoLab Program.
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Press Start’s Core Offerings

The CoLab Program

The CoLab Program is an innovation accelerator that helps the next generation of changemakers build and launch an idea. Throughout the 10-week program, 50 social entrepreneurs, ages 18-29, from across the nation will work collaboratively to develop a minimal viable solution to a pressing social issue. This year, the overarching theme is the Mental Health Crisis in Canada. Our youth will access mentors, inspirational speakers and tools and resources to help them develop their ideas through the ideation process. At the end of the program, they can submit their ideas for access to in-kind business services, internships and grant money to help them successfully launch. The goal of the program is to create truly meaningful and positive social change in our communities across Canada.
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The CoLab Program Hub

The Hub is Press Start’s unique and interactive platform from which we run the CoLab Program. It includes exclusive access to innovative tools, resources, and tutorial videos that support participants through the ideation process to bring their social enterprise ideas to life. The Hub is private to CoLab Program community members, including our participants and mentors, and is where members communicate and collaborate throughout the Program.

Built for Diverse Perspectives

The magic of the nowly / Press Start CoLab Program comes from connecting diverse groups around a range of social issues to exchange ideas and co-create solutions for a better tomorrow.
The CoLab Program Connects:

Thought Leader

Dr.Susan Biali Haas
Dr. Susan Biali Haas, 2023 CoLab Program 

Thought Leader

Larissa Crawford
Larissa Crawford, 2023 CoLab Program


Jonathan Friedman
Jonathan Friedman, 2023 CoLab Program Mentor
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