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Tickles my ‘what’s in it for me’ bone.

At nowly, we believe in living your best life now. That’s why we’ve prioritized self-care, designed specifically for you.

The nowly Virtual Wellness Program

This best-in-breed, culture-first technology solution is designed (and proven) to make health and wellness engaging and fun.
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37+ Content Channels

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2750+ Daily Cards
2,750+ cards of robust micro-learning content that is easy to digest. These help you expand your knowledge and inspire you to create new behaviours.
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80+ Group Challenges
Wide variety of group challenges to improve collaboration and create positive social dynamics. Invite up to 10 family members or friends to join (complimentary).
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400+ Healthy Habits
400+ healthy habit trackers and challenges; includes AI-driven  recommendations for new healthy habits to try.
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39+ Journeys
39+ different digital coaching journeys covering health, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, financial wellbeing and tobacco cessation.

The Healthy Living Rebate

Ready to live nowly?

We hope so, because at nowly, we’re all about supporting you to achieve your personal health and wellness goals. As a nowly Member, you’re entitled to our annual Healthy Living $50 rebate towards any health and wellness program, app, and gym membership.* The possibilities are endless. Let us help you start living nowly.

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As a nowly Member, you’ll receive complimentary, and strictly confidential access to the nowly Virtual Wellness Program (powered by Virgin Pulse). Sign up and start living nowly!
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Get your Annual Healthy Living Rebate

nowly Members are eligible to receive an annual $50 healthy living rebate. Send proof of your paid receipt to our Member service team via our Member portal to get your rebate.
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*Some conditions apply. The Healthy Living rebate is a rebate of up to $50 per year by Teachers Life to reward you for making healthy choices. When you purchase a health or wellness product or service and you provide proof of payment to Teachers Life, you are eligible for a rebate of up to $50. You are eligible for the Healthy Living rebate not more than once a calendar year. To receive the Healthy Living Rebate you must submit your proof of payment paid in the calendar year to Teachers Life not later than January 31 of the following year. To receive the Healthy Living Rebate you must download the Healthy Living Rebate form in our customer portal at members.teacherslife.com and upload proof that you paid $50 or more to a health and/or wellness focused provider. Teachers Life has the right to refuse to redeem a rebate and can change or cancel the Healthy Living rebate program at any time, without notice to you.