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"I was eager to join the discussion and was impressed with the passionate and informative speakers who helped cut through the dark and shine a light on what we can do to address these issues and enable change." - Claire Latham

Claire Latham, honour roll student and multimedia storyteller talks about being inspired by our Press Start CoLab Program in an article she wrote for Environment Journal.

Claire starts off her post with: 'At the age of 10, a phone was dropped into my hand, and we became fast friends. Now that I’m 18, I feel as if my hand remains permanently attached to it, for better or worse, and my freedom of speech has been restricted to 280 characters or less.

With my generation’s thoughts amplified, our concerns and fears plastered on the walls of Instagram, you would think change and progress for environmental and climate issues would be tackled. Instead, my generation has weaved itself into a network of disinformation and greenwashing, with too many infographics leaving us feeling increasingly more helpless and hopeless for a changed future.' Continue reading the post by Claire Latham here.

The 2022 CoLab Program is focusing on 3 themes: climate change grief, misinformation, and youth mental health. 

Learn more about Press Start and the CoLab Program.

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The Press Start Entrepreneur Program

We believe in helping to nurture meaningful change that comes from within our communities. Our Press Start Program will help uplift socially-minded Canadian entrepreneurs by providing them with adequate resources, tools and social networks that will help us all achieve a socially and environmentally conscious like-minded goal.

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Ready to live in the nowly?

When you open a policy with nowly, you’re among Canadians who believe in not only living their best lives now, but also supporting positive social change in Canadian communities coast to coast with our Press Start Program.

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