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The nowly Story
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Is nowly the new way of protecting Canadians now?

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"Beyond supporting our individual Members, we want to support the health and wellness of our communities. That’s why we created Press Start, a bold, new social give back program."

We think so! nowly is about living in the now, or as we like to call it – living nowly. What does living nowly mean?  It means providing our Members with instant, highly affordable insurance coverage.  It means access to complimentary health and wellness programs that help you focus on your health and wellness now.  And, it means supporting a company that stands for bold social good change to make our world a better place.

An innovative approach to getting insurance protection.

At nowly, we’ve designed a digital-first brand that offers all Canadians affordable and accessible insurance on a streamlined platform, instantly.  Backed by 80+ years of experience, nowly Members will receive instant coverage, world class health and wellness benefits, and feel great knowing they're joining a company committed to positive social good impact now.

We know your time is valuable and we want you to focus on what really matters to you, so we’ve made the process of applying and being approved for insurance as convenient and streamlined as possible.  All online, you can easily apply in the comfort of your own home and have your policy in force in minutes.  No medical, no fuss. 

And, if you have questions or get stuck along the way, our licensed insurance agent is available to guide you through your online application. We also offer you an online quick quote and a coverage needs assessment tool so you can ensure you’re getting the right coverage for you and your loved ones.

What makes nowly special?

We’re fundamentally different.

Full stop, our focus is on helping you live your best life now, not just providing the right life insurance protection.

We keep it real.

We’re not about false promises or commitments to our Members. We genuinely care and we’re committed to being honest, transparent, supportive, and even have some fun along the way.

We’re built on a foundation you can trust.

Yep, we’re a new brand, but we’re a division of an 80+ year old, well established insurance company called Teachers Life. Teachers Life has been protecting Canadians for a very long time and is one of the largest insurers for education workers in Canada. 

Teachers Life is also known as a mission-based insurance company and an award-winning digital innovator.   Case in point, Teachers Life was the first to offer a fully online term life product across North America back in 2014.  Fast forward to today, we're continuing our digital innovation journey with the launch of nowly Insurance, all underwritten, owned and operated by Teachers Life.

Helping you live nowly.

Well, we’re not really helping you as much as we are supporting you. Because the truth is, everything you need to be the best version of yourself is already within you. We’re just going to provide you with some (amazing) tools and resources to help you get there. One of those tools is our complimentary (and strictly confidential) nowly Virtual Wellness Program (powered by global leader Virgin Pulse).

Think personal trainer meets coach meets motivational speaker, all conveniently on an app via your mobile. This completely secure platform allows you to connect with real people, including friends, family and coworkers to create your own community of health and wellness. You can invite up to 10 people to join in challenges with you, for free!

We also offer all of our Members (what we call our nowly policyholders) an annual Healthy Living rebate* of $50 that can be used for any health and wellness program you belong to – including any app for exercise, eating healthy, meditation, you name it! (*Read the full details about our Healthy Living rebate.)

Helping everyone live nowly.

Beyond supporting our individual Members, we want to support the health and wellness of our communities. That’s why we created Press Start, a bold, new social give back program. This program is for social-preneurs, new and established, who are focused on being a part of positive social change in some shape or fashion.

In order to support these social-good entrepreneurs or social-preneurs (as we call them), Press Start day one offers access to curated tools and resources that we’ve identified as must haves for their business toolkits.  Our Hub also includes exclusive discounts by some partners. 

Day two, we're launching many more modules and programming to the Press Start program including a new event that will connect social-preneurs with academics and industry thought leaders to tackle some of Canada’s most pressing social challenges. That’s the power of living nowly.

All articles and other information posted on nowly.ca are intended to be informational only and not for the purpose of providing any health, medical, financial, insurance, legal, accounting, tax or other advice. Teachers Life does not guarantee or represent that any information in these articles or elsewhere on this website is accurate, complete, current or suitable for any particular purpose. You use or rely on such information solely at your own risk. All articles and website content are the property of Teachers Life and all rights are reserved. IN NO EVENT WILL TEACHERS LIFE BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE YOU INCUR RELATED TO YOUR USE OR RELIANCE OF THE INFORMATION IN THESE ARTICLES OR ELSEWHERE ON THE WEBSITE. See the Terms of Use for more information.

The Press Start Entrepreneur Program

We believe in helping to nurture meaningful change that comes from within our communities. Our Press Start Program will help uplift socially-minded Canadian entrepreneurs by providing them with adequate resources, tools and social networks that will help us all achieve a socially and environmentally conscious like-minded goal.

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Ready to live in the nowly?

When you open a policy with nowly, you’re among Canadians who believe in not only living their best lives now, but also supporting positive social change in Canadian communities coast to coast with our Press Start Program.

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